The Elite Football Performance Training program is designed for College Football Players, Semi Pro Football Players, NFL/CFL Prospects, and current NFL/CFL players.

The Training Program will be based on:

individual goals, strengths, & areas to improve based on a Comprehensive Evaluation & Performance assessment and position specific goals.

Your Elite Football Training Program will include: 

-Stance, start, and takeoff mechanics
-Absolute Speed
-Combine-Specific Drills and Tests for NFL/CFL Prospects: Laser-Timed 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard Pre-tests 
-Extensive 3 Cone Drill Work For NFL/CFL Prospects: Each element of the 3 Cone Drill will be broken down and perfected before we continue to the next step so 3 cone drill is natural on NFL Combine Day.
-Dynamic Flexibility
-Energy System Development: 1) Phosphagen System: Intense exercise lasting up to 15 seconds. 2) Anaerobic system development using measurable speed endurance training.
-Extensive Ground Force Contact Work through weighted jumps, Heavy Prowler Pushes, and extensive power movements that emphasize "The Push" off the ground.
-Explosive Power through bounding, hopping, jumping, box jumps, & Prowler Sleds.
-Form running and mechanics
-Increasing Lean Body Mass
-Lateral speed & Agility movements specific to your position and goals.
-Linear Speed movements specific to sprints from 5-40 yards with an emphasis on takeoff, acceleration, and top end speed.
-Multidirectional Speed
-Position-Specific Skill Development and drills. This is available for all positions.
-Reaction/chaos agility drills
-Speed resistance and assistance through the use of heavy duty resistance bands.
-Start & First Step
-Strength through pushing and pulling exercises that are specific to making you a MANIAC on the FOOTBALL FIELD.
-Increased Work Capacity

    To inquire about the Elite Football performance Training and/or NFL/CFL Combine Training Contact Coach D: coachd@speed2compete.com 
John "JG" Gadson showing his great take - off ability on a 25 yard resisted run.
Newberry College standout and current NFL Draft Prospect Brian Spencer is currently training with Coach D. Known as Smoove, Brian is a great person and extremely hard worker and his great work ethic has paid off in recent time trials with Coach D.
Smoove Spencer making the take-off steps of a loop run look routine with great form.
Mcilwain works the modified resisted T drill as Coach D shouts instructions and B looks on.
Former West Florence High School, and Newberry College standout and current Green Bay packer Tight End Brandon Bostick has trained with Speed 2 Compete.
Former Lexington High School standout and Georgia Southern Offensive Lineman Rivers Bedenbaugh demonstrates great form as he works on resisted take-offs during a winter 2013 session.
South Carolina All Star Bowl selection and member of Speed 2 Compete's Combine Training Group Joe Smith working a resisted/assisted backpedal-sprint drill.
Newberry College OLB Kelton Hall
SCCASB Selection
Former Irmo High School Football Stand Out Nathan Dorton seen here playing for DIII Power Emory & Henry after having played for 3 seasons with Appalachian State.
Dorian Johnson is actually a track star for the University of South Carolina, but is currently working with speed 2 compete to make the transition to professional football.
Appalchian State Defensive End Deuce Robinson had a very productive summer at Speed 2 Compete and cranked out solid numbers in his evaluations at Appalachian State, which were highlighted by a 4.7 40.
Appalchian State Defensive End Deuce Robinson who was also a Blythewood High School standout player trains with Coach D during the summer months.
Newberry RB Ryan Williams trained with Speed 2 Compete to prepare for the SC All Star Bowl
Southern University of Louisiana Center Allan Spry, who, like Deuce Robinson is a former Blythewood High School standout trains with Coach D during the summer months.
Former Blythewood High School standout offensive lineman and current Southern University Center Allan Spry trained with Coach D during the summer of 2013.
Newberry College standout LB Kelton Hall works the 10 yard resisted take-off as he prepares for the upcoming 2013 NFL Pro Days with Coach D.
Former Appalachian State U & Emory & Henry Receiver Nathan Dorton works the resisted drive starts.
Big Sean Kennedy: Sean is a former University of South Alabama and Benedict College Offensive Lineman who was selected and played in the Inaguaral South Carolina Collegiate All-Star Bowl. He is currently doing his grinding with Speed 2 Compete as he prepares for professional football combines.
Apollo Stretch is an NCAA Division II All American and former Newberry College standout who is training with Speed 2 Compete as he trains for his professional football tryouts/combines.
Newberry College All American Apollo Stretch has started training with Speed 2 compete to prep for his 2014 NFL Combines
Roderick Davenport is a redshirt Sophomore Running Back at Saint Audustine's College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Roderick is currently om the NFL watch list.
This is Roderick off the field griding hard to tote that rock on the field.
Ryan Davenport is in his Freshman season at SC State and will be a redshirt freshman in the fall of 2014 where he is slated to be untilized as a slot receiver and kick returner.
Benedict College Defensive End Brandon Beech
Benedict College Defensive End Brandon Beech
Harvard Defensive Back and former Dutch Fork High School stand out DJ Monroe
Harvard Defensive Back and former Dutch Fork High School stand out DJ Monroe
Mike McClure, Coastal Carolina's All Big South linebacker did some NFL Combine Training with Coach D
Mike McClure, Coastal Carolina's All Big South linebacker did some NFL Combine Training with Coach D
Former Blythewood HS and App State Player Deuce Robinson preparing for Washington Redskins Rookie Camp.